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Religious instruction - prayer experience, bible stories and meeting Jesus as a friend

Mathematical Awareness and Math Readiness

Reading Readiness and Pre-writing Skills

Hands-On Experiences in Science

Gross Motor Skill Development

Fine Motor Skill Development

Music and Art

Library Technology/Computer Skills

Social Skill Development

Play (Indoors and outdoors)


The Program follows the typical three-year-old classroom schedule, with enhanced activities focused on development of communication skills at an early level. Students involved in this program fall into three categories (a) typically developing, (b) at risk for communication delays or (c) diagnosed with a communication disorder. A licensed speech-language pathologist from the Speech-Language Institute at Salus University, supervises three graduate students who manage the classroom day by conducting play-based activities which focus on improving language skills like making requests and following directions.  Children are monitored for speech sound development and encouraged to practice age-appropriate sounds throughout their day.  Students who require services as designated through the intermediate unit continue to have their therapy scheduled in conjunction with the regular classroom activities - like gym, music and playtime.  

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